This body of work conveys my unique visual perspective and values, which are rooted in a special inclination toward mathematics as well as experiences that have shaped my views of good, evil, truth and choice.

The visual imagery in my artwork is largely inspired by patterns, and uncanny mathematical relationships that occur in daily life. Motifs such as the square represent perfection while others such as Braille have additional meaning beyond their constructs, while more personal images connect certain works to a human experience. As a child in war-torn Ethiopia and Afghanistan, I witnessed unimaginable horrors as battles raged outside my windows and my family’s safety was often threatened. Later in life, I recalled this terror as the World Trade Center buildings were struck just hundreds of yards from where I worked.

If as a child I was confounded by paradoxes presented by human nature, then as an adult I have developed an internal visual language – built on mathematical symbols as allegory – to more fully grasp the ethical dilemmas that rule Western society. These paintings are pictorial versions of that visual language.

References from Greek mythology and philosophy to physics and the Bible, and the links between mathematics, Classicism, and Modern schools of thought and culture are reflected in my works. However, it also often embodies a childlike innocence, both through primary color choices and occasional fairy tale imagery. Likewise, I frequently make use of allegory and metaphor to create a full picture that, as the sum of its parts, denotes a multifaceted message and tangibly relays my thoughts and opinions.